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4600-RX-Series Intelligent Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

4600-RX-Series Intelligent Electro-Hydraulic Actuator is designed by integrating mechanical, electrical, microprocessors, piezoelectric, automatic control technology into the most advanced structural model which canmatch the control valve, damper and baffle to complete the automatic regulating during the industrial process. It has the function of self diagnosis, fault alarm function, fast shut-off function, overload protection function, automatic / manual switch function, main line communication function, off signal protection function, history record storage function. It can be mainly used in petrochemical, metallurgical coking, pipeline transmission, power plants and other industrial fields¡¯ applications under a variety of working conditions.

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Output Torque:   2000 ~ 100000N.M
Supply Voltage:   220V¡À10%  AC  50Hz£¨or 380V AC£©
Control Signal:   4 ~ 20mA. DC
Explosion-proof Classification:   EXd ¢òCT6
Ambient Temperature:   -20~+40¡æ£¨without space heater£©
                                    -35~+40¡æ£¨with space heater£©
Structural Type:   Normal type, Bottom seat type,

                         Type with energy accumulators




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