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S K-Series Multi-Stage Reducing Control Valve

S-series is designed as a balance plunger cage guided structure with low noise, stable working condition, allowing a large pressure differential. It is mainly used for high pressure differential, cavitations of media regulation, particularly for high pressure application in slurry mixture, crystal and high temperature fluid medium control or pipeline with right angles, straight or Z shaped mounted.
K-series is designed as a balance multi-stage valve plug guided structure, which connects a plurality of plunger type valve plugs as a series and realizes the pressure multiple reducing. It can effectively prevent air cavitation, reduce high-speed fluid erosion to valve inner parts as well as reducing noise. The valve can be used for fluid with impurities or solid particles and high differential pressure control applications.

Nominal Diameter:   1/2 ~ 2 (S Series); 1 ~ 12 (K Series)
Nominal Pressure:   ANSI Class 900, Class 1500, Class 2500 
                                16.0, 25.0, 32.0, 42.0MPa
Flow Characteristics:   equal percentage, linear features (S Series);
                                        linear features, modified linear features (K Series);
Temperature of Media:   -20 ~ +200( ambient temperature),

                                        -40 ~ +450(medium temperature),

                                        -40 ~ +600(high temperature)
Body Material:   WCB, WC6, WC9, CF8, CF8M, CF8M, CF3M etc.
Inner Fitting Material:   304 SS, 316/316L SS, 630, 410 etc.
Regulating Ratio:   50:1
Leak Tolerance:   ANSI B 16.104/Grade
Structural Type: Angle type, Straight-through type, Z type

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