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DPC7000L/R-Series Smart Valve Positioner

The smart valve positioner is designed by integrating mechanical, electrical, microprocessors, piezoelectric, automatic control technology into the most advanced structural model. It features simple in operation, easy in reading, low in energy consumption, fast in reaction, long in lifetime, reliable in operation, strong in shock-resistant and diamagnetism. It is widely used in self-controlled system in various process industries, supporting the use of pneumatic actuators.

Note: This product is produced by Precision, for further information, please visit www.pesquality.com

Input Signal:   4 ~ 20mA DC Compatible Bus Communication
Explosion-proof Classification:   EXd BT6, EXd CT6, EXia CT6
Ambient Temperature:   -30 ~ +80
Straightness:   0.5%F.S
Sensitivity:   0.1%F.S
Air Consumption:   36L/hSUP=0.14MPa
Electromagnetic Interference:   In line with the anti-interference requirements in plant area
Structural Type:   Normal type, Flameproof type
Movement Method:   Straight travel, Angular travel
Action Mode:   Single acting, Double acting


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