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AHW Series Black Water Angle Valve

Black water control valve is mainly used in the severe working station, such as quenching chamber, hard-washing tower and flash tank in coal chemical industrial. Severe conditions are in common: high differential pressure, high temperature, strong corrosivity, solid-particle-contained medium, flash and cavitation-prone.

The damage caused by medium to valve shows: the combined action of erosion damage against inner wall of valve and trim from high speed fluid and solid particle and the electric and chemical corrosion of medium.

Contrasting with normal valve, the black water control valve needs better corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, and also is easy to service.


CAB black water valve is a single-seated high precision control valve, features are as follow:

Body applies the design of gradual change flow channel;
Special hardening treatment for body flow channel and trims;
Balanced self-circulation structure of fluid medium self-isolation;
Venturi seat design;
Pressing-down structure of seat;
Unique coordination scrapper design.

Streamline-type Body Design and Chamber Hardening Treatment

Flow channel uses the streamline design structure, as the high speed moving CWS will cause huge destructive effect to inner wall surface of valve;meanwhile, spraying WC is used to improve the hardness of inner wall surface. Such process can improve the surface hardness, and also can ensure the bond strength of hardened layer and matrix, so that it can improve the erosion resistance of inner wall surface.

Body Static Separate Chamber Design

A middle separate layer is set in the body, and a balance orifice is set at the bottom of layer to ensure the balance of pressure in upper and lower chamber when the valve is acting. As the precipitation of separate chamber, the particle content in packing position is low enough, so that it can effectively keep coal powder from packing, thus, it eliminates the out-leakage caused by the friction between the packing and solid particle.

 Integrated Pressing-down Structure of Seat

The seat is designed according to Venturi principle, and it can gradually buffer the erosion to inner wall of seat from medium. WC spraying process is applied to seat, so it can improve the erosion resistance of seat by resisting the erosion and cavitation of high speed particle, thus, it can prolong the service life of valve. The seat is tightly pressing designed, so it is easy to maintain and operate.

Special Scrapper Design of Guiding Group

Several straight channel are set in inner wall of guiding sleeve, and sharp blades are set at the notch, and spiral grooves are set on the handle of plug which moves along the inner wall of guiding sleeve. It will automatically and continually remove the scales on the handle of plug and inner wall of guiding sleeve, and it can effectively avoid the valve sticking caused by clearance scales.




Black Water Valve 

  Inlet Diameter 

  2" 3" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12"

 Pressure Grade

  ANSI 150 Lb ~ 1500 Lb

 Connection Type 

  Flange, butt welding



  Body Material

  CF8M, CF3M, F51, INCONEL600, INCONEL625,MONEL etc.

  Trim Material

  316, 316L,F51, INCONEL625,MONEL etc.

  Leakage Grade 

  ANSI/ FCI 70-2 IV Class

 Flow Characteristics 

  Linear, E.Q.

 Flow Characteristics 



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