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R4-Series Eccentric Rotating Ball Control Valve

The valve is designed as eccentric cantilever valve plug structure which has the advantages of reliable sealing, long service life, large flow capacity, wide adjustable range. The valve can be used for high viscosity medium or with solids and easy adhesion medium application.

Nominal Diameter:   1 ~ 8
Nominal Pressure:   ANSI Class150Class300Class600
                                   1.6, 4.0, 6.3, 10.0MPa
Flow Characteristics:   approximate linear features
Temperature of Media:   -40~ +600( hard seal), -20 ~ +200(soft seal)
Body Material:   WCB, WC9, CF8, CF8M, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium Alloy etc.
Valve Core Material:   CF8, CF8M, 630, PTFE, RPTFE, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium Alloy etc.
Valve Seat Material:   304/304L SS, 316/316L SS, 630, Monel etc.
Regulating Ratio:   100:1 
Leak Tolerance:   ANSI B 16.5.104 Grade (soft seal), ANSI B 16.5.104/ Grade (hard seal)
Structural Type:   Soft seal, Hard seal

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