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  • The valve is designed as cage-type guided plunger-type structure, with a streamlined S fluid channel. A deflector wing is mounted in side of the body to improve smooth translation of cage surrounding fluid flow. It features less in pressure reduction, wide in control range, stable in steam corrosion, precise in fluid control.

    Nominal Diameter: &nb...

  • The valve is designed as balance valve plug sleeve guide structure with multilayer disc laminated composite maze type structure, which can effectively realize multilevel stable hypotensive effect. The valve can be used for high temperature, high pressure and fluid pressure differential control applications.
    Nominal Diameter:   1≦ ~ 24≦

  • The valve is designed as valve plug top single guided unbalanced or balanced structure. The inner cavity flow channel of the valve body is rectangular, which can avoid the focal adhesion blocking phenomenon. The valve is applicable for high viscosity, high suspended solids and particle type fluid regulation or piping with rectangular installation applications.

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